My Savior’s Guest

I don’t think I ever blogged this title: My Savior’s Guest: A Festschrift in Honor of Erling Trygve Teigen. I believe Dr. Teigen is a professor emeritus at Bethany Lutheran College and a longtime writer of articles for Logia and various other Lutheran journals.

Published back in May, various authors contributed essays to honor the familiar Prof. Teigen.

Here’s the Amazon blurb:

The name Erling T. Teigen is familiar to many Lutherans around the world. The articles in this Festschrift are both theological and personal, reflecting the views of the individual authors, some of them also giving glimpses of instructive and sometimes humorous interactions with Prof. Teigen. The title of the book-My Savior’s Guest-occurs in the English translations of two Scandinavian hymns: “O Jesus, At Your Altar Now” by Thomas Kingo (1634-1703) and “How Blest Are They Who Hear God’s Word” by Norwegian Lutheran bishop Johan Nordahl Brun (1745-1816).

Arguable more helpful:

Sermon on the Slaughter of the Innocents,
Professor Erling T. Teigen’s Mission Among the Lutherans in Latvia,
The Sola Scriptura Principle in the Augsburg Confession and Apology,
Freedom and Uniformity in Early Lutheran Liturgical Practice: An Essay,
“In Hoc Loco (In This Locus)…” Martin Luther’s Discontinuity and Continuity with the Medieval Church in the Doctrine of the Real Presence,
Sermon at the Funeral of Josef Gehard Rune Enoksson,
The Wittenberg Impact on University Education and the Christian Liberal Arts,
The Sacraments in Practice: How and Why Medieval Sacramental Piety Was Retained by the Lutheran Reformation and Considerations for Its Contemporary Resurgence,
Political Resistance in Lutheran Theology: The Lawful Authority of Romans 13 versus the Two Beasts of Revelation 13,
On Mary, Virgin Undefiled: A Danish-Norwegian Chorale from the Dawn of the Reformation,
The Humble Exchange of His Truth,
Commitment to Our Lutheran Confessions in Light of Scriptural Hermeneutics,
“Unionism” and “Syncretism” in the Missouri Synod,
Confessions of a Recovering Pietist Honoring His Dragon Slayer,
The Ordination of Women: A Test Case for Biblical Authority,
Celebrating the Divine Service Along with Luther and the Fathers,
The Mystical Union-A Reality Which, Inter Alia, Explains Why Festschrifts Are a Good Thing!,
Internet Communion?,
An Erling Alphabet,
Lenten Collect

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