Walk a Little Slower

Lutheran author Tanner Olson has a new book of poetry out: Walk a Little Slower: A Collection of Poems and Other Words.

I LOVE that there’s been so much Lutheran poetry produced in the last few years!

So, in addition to this one, scroll through Tanner’s other books.

Also remember Ray Spitzenberger. I’m about halfway through his most recent book and really enjoying it. Regretfully bit by bit as homeschooling allows. 🙂


I know that Madelyn Rose Craig is preparing a book of poetry for publication, and she’s done some really beautiful work.

Let’s see. I, of course, published Ecclesial Poetry not too long ago, but I know that, even in the last year, there have been more Lutheran poetry books. So, hmmm, thinking of hymns . . . 

Robin Fish re-issued Useful Hymnswhich is good.

Oh, and of course (!), Kurt Reinhardt’s expanded collection, My Light and My Salvation!  And Kathryn Ann Hill’s Tree of Life! (Plus I think she’s added a bunch of her previous books to Amazon this year!)

I’ll have to think about whether there were more. But a good few years for Lutheran arts, I’d say! 😀

Ha ha, let’s all “walk a little slower” so we can include some poetry in our day.

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