Lulu 30% off

I won’t drown you with commercials, but Cyber Monday has Lulu 30% off. Just use the code SAVE30 through November 30th. Let’s see, Lutheran authors on Lulu include . . . 

My 2020 pastoral planner! Go here to see sample pictures.

Bryan Wolfmueller has a number of things. John Hoh, who I recently discovered. Kathryn Ann Hill, the poetess! Speaking of poetry, Robin Fish has his Useful Hymns and Useful Hymns: Accompaniment Edition on Lulu. Oh, and Andrew Richard has some interesting resources!

As for fiction, hmmm. Timothy Hemling has four novels, though I haven’t read them. Yet. 😉 Michael McCoy!!! Michael McCoy has fiction and nonfiction on Lulu and some of his stuff is super interesting in its allegory!

As far as individual books go:

I’m sure there are more, but they’re escaping me at the moment. Feel free to comment with more titles. (I’m afraid searching Lulu doesn’t always work very well. Alas.)

Meanwhile, I think Lulu 30% off is about as good a discount as I’ve seen. 10-15% off isn’t exactly rare, but 30% is well worth mentioning in my world. 🙂

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