Small Town Super Nobody

Today I review Lutheran author A. L. Schultz’s book, Small Town Super NobodyShort version: LOVED IT!

Andrea Schultz is one of those rare gems who can write and illustrate books! AWESOME!

 Small Town Super Nobody Review

I loved everything about this short read. This is a great book for just about anybody. Short, sweet, and I really enjoyed it. Genre-wise, it’s superhero meets coming of age & sibling rivalry with an unexpectedly heartwarming ending.

All star hard-working boy dreams big his senior year, but what is he dreaming about? Can this jack of all trades boy “who could do anything” do the one thing that seems beyond him and become a super hero? And what’s up with his odd brother? What’s going to happen in their relationship? 

This is a novella about super powers and family, perseverance, ingenuity, and some of that tension that always seems to exist between the haves and the have nots, especially when one isn’t talking about money. Still, bright lights shine in this wholesome story. You end up rooting for good and thanking God for the gift of family. You also have to wonder, maybe it would be nice to live a normal, quiet life.

Since Small Town Super Nobody was released several years ago, I’m guessing this is a stand alone, but I’d surely read more if it ever turned into a series! Great job! Strong characters. Good speed to the action and world development.

PS. Because I can, I’ll link to several of her books, though this one is her only novel(la). The others are kids books.

PPS. Actually, now that I’ve thought about it, I think Andrea Schultz also illustrated my very favorite Lutheran zombie book (!!!!!), eccleZia: Pastoral Theology for the Zombie PlagueReviewed that here. LOVED that book!

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