Liturgical Calendar 2022

I’m a little late on this one, but CLTS, St. Catharines, like many other seminaries, makes a liturgical calendar for pastors, altar guilds, and more to hang on their walls. The calendar contains liturgical festivals for both the one-year and three-year lectionary series. Anyway, if you’d like to print your own, they offer the digital file for free here

I know I find my CTSFW calendar super handy, so I’m glad this move by the Canadian Lutherans helps liturgical calendars become more widely, rather than less widely, available, even if it means finding a way to print color pages. 🙂

Which reminds me, I may as well also point out two liturgical calendar options of a different sort from Lemon Creek Press: a free craft video about drawing the church year (in a pie chart) and a more detailed $4.99 Illuminated Liturgical Calendar which admittedly also needs a color printer.

Blessed Epiphany! Our family has some serious sniffles going on. Thankfully it isn’t Covid or flu, but I do hope my kids wake up with their coughs gone so we can go to service tonight!

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