Cathedral: An Alliance of Saint Michael

Today Lutheran author Ray Keating releases his latest novel! Cathedral: An Alliance of Saint Michael is the start of a new series!

Here’s the Amazon description:

Cathedral: An Alliance of Saint Michael Novel is Ray Keating’s sixteenth work of fiction, and the first in the Alliance of Saint Michael series.

The Alliance of Saint Michael brings together men and women with varied backgrounds and talents to work covertly against the two most significant threats to Christianity and civilization at the dawn of the 1930s – communism and fascism.

In Moscow, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is going to be obliterated to make way for the Palace of the Soviets. The Alliance of St. Michael readies itself for its first mission – find and salvage a rare item of great significance from the cathedral before the building is lost.

With 404 pages, it sounds like a fun, satisfying summer read, sure to match the action, adventure, and Christian ardor of Ray Keating’s Stephen Grant series. 🙂

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