Learn Greek or Latin through CCLE

Time for a yearly post: Learn Greek or Latin through CCLE. 🙂 

I think little in the world compares to learning a language, and Greek and Latin are excellent places to start!

Here’s information for the upcoming Discamus classes:

Would you like to read the New Testament in the Greek language in which it was written? Would you like to read Latin, the language of Western civilization? Learn Greek or Latin through the Discamus program courses offered online by CCLE!

Classes start soon. Sign up here!
We’re offering six adult classes this year for students over 18. Each class is only $275 and meets every other week for the entire 2022-2023 school year.

  • Latin I
  • Latin II
  • Latin Readings
  • Biblical Greek I
  • Biblical Greek II
  • Biblical Greek Readings 
As guided self-study, our Discamus classes are designed to be attended live, but you may access session recordings in the event of an absence.
The Discamus Project is presented as part of the mission of the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education and is generously hosted by Wittenberg Academy, wittenbergacademy.org.

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