2021-2022 Adult Greek and Latin Online Classes

I love words and languages, so I trust you’ll allow me to advertise, once again, the Adult Greek and Latin online classes taught by Rev. Charles Henrickson.

Go here for more information. In short, it is $250 for a school year  with each class meeting online every other week. It covers 21 sessions of Greek or 20 sessions of Latin, each covering about half a textbook.

Here are the classes & textbooks:

  • GREEK I and GREEK II: Fundamental Greek Grammar, Fourth Edition or Fourth Revised Edition, by James W. Voelz. Also, students will eventually need a Greek New Testament.
  • GREEK READINGS: Greek New Testament
  • LATIN I and LATIN II and LATIN READINGS: Wheelock’s Latin, Seventh Edition

Good, good. Happy wording, folks.

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