Without a Doubt

Today’s post is a review of Lutheran author Donna Hues‘ first (of three) in the MN Mystery series, Without a Doubt Accident or Murder.

Without a Doubt Accident or Murder Review

I really enjoyed how this Christian historical novel was about three Americans in the early 1900s who travel to Scotland to solve a mystery. The friendship between the three is strong and utterly supportive throughout. Scotland is portrayed in a very winsome, pleasurable way, and I now wish I could go fishing with the Scot who gets introduced. 🙂

This was an enjoyable read. Characters were pretty emotional at times, but, ha haa, so are people. Some lordship-ness/manor-liness, but not as much as you might expect. Some good horse presence. Christian conversion in a pretty Protestant sense.

The book begins to raise the question, “When should we have doubt?” which is an interesting thing to think about.

An enjoyable read. I’ve already started the next book in the series.

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