Today I have two posts for you! Two releases with reviews! 🙂 This post highlights Jody Hedlund‘s latest in the Knights of Brethren series, Enflamed🙂 Its review is below and I’ll happily remind you that book 6 is set to release September 13th!

Enflamed Review

I’m pretty invested in this series by this point—the first several drew me in pretty deeply. Each has had some nice twists and touches, and I’m eagerly awaiting how everything comes together.

Since every book is different, I wasn’t sure whether Enflamed would live up to the other rather legendary books. Still, it grew on me pretty quickly. By the middle, things were well on their way to yet another creative, interesting read by Jody Hedlund. 🙂 I really liked the lighthouse setting that comes to play an intriguing role.


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