Kloria Sale

This is it, folks: the Kloria sale I love the most! 🙂 Go here to buy two board books and get one more for free, and this sale covers the full range of their board books!

Without further ado, I’ll offer you their titles:

  • Lord, Keep us Steadfast in Your Word
  • I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb
  • We All Believe in One True God
  • God Loves Me Dearly
  • Now Rest Beneath Night’s Shadow
  • Father, We Praise Thee
  • Before the Ending of the Day
  • Create in Me

Fantastic, every single one of them! And now is the time to, first, complete your own collection, and then build up a collection for your church, library, school, etc. Buy them for your children, grandchildren, godchildren, neighborhood children, etc. Stock up your church welcome bags & new member gifts. Does your LWML give baptism gifts? These are for you.  

But I think the Kloria sale only lasts through September 10th or 11th so don’t dawdle. Note the countdown. Frankly, that means there’s time to call your church folks and family members to get approval or to coordinate. 😀

Seriously, these are great books made and sold by a great company for the good of our families, congregations, community, and church at large.

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