Today I review Lutheran author Ray Keating‘s latest release in his Stephen Grant series: Persecution.

Persecution Review

Another action-packed tale of Stephen Grant by Ray Keating! This political thriller centers on a daring rescue attempt and its political backlash, but what really stands out is that this book had so many good guys! I don’t want to give spoilers–and there were twists and turns and government corruption–but it was a breath of fresh air not only to root for the good guys we know and love from the series but also to imagine some of the good & straight-forward politicians and journalists featured. I mean, the books are always careful to show that no one’s perfect, but I enjoyed rooting for courageous Christians doing their best to better the world.

Now, there are bad guys: terrorists and an oppressive Iranian regime. They were not depicted in a sympathetic manner. There’s vigilantism but of the Occam’s razor sort.

I really liked the break from reality to dream about Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Americans, Russians and more working together to stop persecution. AND this time we got to see Sean’s wife in action! 😀


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