Rebel Fist

Today’s post is a review of Jonathan Moeller’s third book of the Cloak Game series: Rebel Fist .

Again, I read through the Cloak Games: Omnibus One set, since it was so much cheaper than buying the books separately.

Cloak Games: Revel Fist

Another fun, fast read. I mean, you’ll either like the characters (and various creatures) or you won’t, but I do. 🙂 Each book in the series has explored the world a bit further, pressed luck to an even greater extent, and introduced another episode of admittedly mission-impossible daring. But I think it works!

If you blitz through the books like I have, you may not especially enjoy the periodic summaries, but, folks, that’s bound to happen in a series. It can’t be helped, because if they were left out some people would miss them.

Keep up the fun work, Mr. Moeller!

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