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Almost Published But . . .

Almost published but . . . waiting to hear back from a publisher, struggling to find pre-readers, struggling with editing, shaking your fist at your website, etc.

Listen, it’s ok. “Almost published” has a few of its own unique struggles and burdens. Still, it’s ok.

All sorts of things can prevent you from finally holding your professionally printed work in your hand. It’s still ok.

I want to let you in on something you likely haven’t thought about. Once you’ve been paid for something, you’re technically a professional writer. What is sometimes glossed over is that sometimes you get an advance only to have your contract pulled. It’s happened to more people than you probably realize. 🙂 Mostly it’s an example of how economics and professional writing conflict! It’s still ok! You should keep writing and plugging away at the publishing game!

You may not have a lot of readers, but I bet each one of you has a reader if you write so much as a letter.

You may not have perfect grammar or an editor’s eye, but I’m glad you’ve taken the time and energy to put your words down. You have succeeded at sharing!

Shaking your fist? I’ve been there many times. Might I suggest a cup of something nice? Or some tension-relieving? 😉

Almost published is great. Seriously. It’s an accomplishment. Sure, you may want “published,” but if Jesus returns while a book is en route to its author for the first time . . . it’s still better that Jesus has come. 😀 Whether or not pre-readers have finished, publishers have gone through their submissions, etc.

Come, Lord Jesus.


In more materialistic news, CPH is having its yearly warehouse sale November 2nd through November 6th. I always start browsing the Not Quite Perfect section first. (It’s around all year, but somehow I forget about it.) I’m sure it’s purposefully in time for all our Christmas shopping.

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