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30 Days

Blessed Reformation Day! Happy 500 years! Happy Hallow’s Eve, depending on when you’re reading this! 🙂 And, happy almost NaNoWriMo! (Shudder) After going from one busy, here is another busy to temporarily consider. Ha! Anyway, below is an interesting and thoughtful alternative to a frenzied 30 days approach: “How to Write a Novel in 30 Days.”

I do also want to say that–largely over the weekend–I may have received enough info and anecdotes for two weeks of blog posts! Woo hoo for me! 😀 And, hopefully that means “Meet, Write, and Salutary” can be especially enjoyable as we transition into colder weather.

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Starting New Projects

Why do I keep starting new projects rather than finishing old ones? Is it that the inspiration passes? Am I growing toward better approaches? Am I just too divided to focus?!

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