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More Lent Resources for 2018

Lent is not a season of only Law. Lent is a time of both Law and Gospel. So, if you have already failed a Lenten discipline, I have good news for you. Jesus became Man, taking on our very flesh, to live the life we can’t and to die the death we have earned. To God, you are still wet with the waters of holy Baptism and you drip with the righteousness that only our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ came give–or earn. In fact, the Holy Spirit grants you flowing rivers of living water. And, guess what? There are more Lent resources for 2018 to help immerse you in the gifts God has already given you.

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Starting New Projects

Why do I keep starting new projects rather than finishing old ones? Is it that the inspiration passes? Am I growing toward better approaches? Am I just too divided to focus?!

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