Too Many Thoughts

I’m pretty pleased with how much I’ve been writing. Admittedly, I’m not actually working on the projects I’d hoped to, but doesn’t that happen to all of us sometimes? Still, I’ve been working on an article on a new thought, which is nice. I like thinking through things from different angles, so I prefer to write about newer-to-me subjects, but I have too many thoughts! It is so hard for me to figure out what should stay in and what should be cut out!

It seems like my favorite sentences and paragraphs always end up being cut. Bummer! I think it may be because stars aren’t always team players. Also, getting emotionally involved might distort perspective a bit. Writing shouldn’t just be about what I like and how I like things to be phrased. It should include, you know, audience, audience, audience.

But it boils down to this: writing is hard. Even if you’re enraptured with the thinking aspect and you’ve found yourself a nice little niche to write on, getting those words to actually link with other words in a cohesive, flowing, clear, pertinent way can be a pretty tall order.

I talked with my dad about the article. Actually, I’ve talked to just about all my adult family members about it at this point, different drafts for nearly each of them. He has such clear progressions in mind from the beginning. He is so good about pinning down a thought and focusing to support it.

I am but a child. I plough through like its dirt next to a grown up’s garden. But, you and me, let’s keep writing anyway. Maybe it’s something we can grow into. Maybe I can chalk this dirt on my hands up as good experience and planting seeds.

Probably I should stop writing such short blog posts and expand every once in a while so I get some exercise for writing arguments closer to 800 words. Hmm.

And, while I’m at it, I should thank God that I have thoughts in my head and that He gives us all such wonders to think about. 🙂 To many thoughts may spoil an article or paper, but I have yet to hear it spoiling a person, a culture, or anything else.

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  1. I have difficulty with too many words, also. I’m assuming we, as writers, have this problem because we LIKE words. I also believe that those of us who write have thoughts going round and round in our heads often. (I was going to say all-the-time.) There are times when I have to visualize a black board in my brain and an erasure making all those mixed and mangled thoughts disappear. Why? I just need a blank head to let God’s thoughts come to me.

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