2016 Top Posts

I easily have a week’s worth of book reviews to write up for Lutheran authors, but somehow those take me a while. So, allow me this punt to buy me anther day’s time. 🙂 2016 Top Posts.

I know, I know. I hardly get any comments. I used page views as my only criteria. Still, maybe these will interest you since I’ve gained a goodly number of viewers over 2016.

2016 Top Posts

In order of most viewed:

  1. Living Lutheran Authors page! (More than 2,000 views!)
  2. Lutheran Novelists post (near 600)
  3. The Bible says to Writers
  4. My Publications (Perhaps dumb to include)
  5. Expanding Authors
  6. Contact Me Page (Dumb to include, but, shrug, it’s a top ten list)
  7. Getting into Hymn-Writing
  8. Theology of Fiction
  9. Blessed Giveaway
  10. Lutheran Publishing Houses & Journals page

Anyway, thank you, technology, for presenting me with a super easy post for newer readers.

Newer readers, I encourage you especially to check out and spread news of the Living Lutheran Authors page and the Lutheran Publishing Houses & Journals page. Whether my daily posts are interesting or not, I hope those can be really good resources for Lutheran readers and writers.

That reminds me. I’ll also plug my Freelance Writer Support page. Since As I stumble on names of freelance editors/illustrators, etc., that’s where I list them. Obviously one needn’t use Lutherans in those positions, but sometimes, well, maybe you want to. 🙂

Happy writing!


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  1. Mary,
    Thank you for supporting your literary brothers and sisters in Christ through this blog. Your generosity is much appreciated.

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