God’s Calling in Marriage

From time to time Bible studies or small groups study Family Vocation: God’s Calling in Marriage, Parenthood, and Childhood. Great! Sometimes individuals even contact me to see if a study guide has been developed (No, but maybe soon!). Happily, this time, I was able to have a lovely series of chats with Marie MacPherson of Into Your Hands LLC and Hausvater, resulting in the interview linked below.

Family Vocation really only begins several conversations. This interview in particular has to do with God’s calling in marriage and clarifying some things we said in our section on contraception.

Into Your Hands LLC and Hausvater offer Lutheran support of natural law, ongoing research, and various family stuff. Worth looking them over. Marie asked if we could do an interview to clarify a few sections of Family Vocation pertaining to contraception, IVF, snowflake babies, one-flesh union, etc.

While I once wanted to be edgy, I now strive to avoid it. I want to be gentle, reasonable, and lead a quiet live. So, with some hesitation, on my part we worked through the questions. To me, contraception is a seriously sensitive topic, but here it is: a little clarification and a few things to think about if you happen to be married or preparing to be.

This topic remains, to me, sensitive. I don’t have all the answers, and I’m scared that I will be publicly branded in some way no matter “which side” I fall on. But it isn’t really a side. All any of us have is a dependence on the grace of God. 🙂 And that is as good place to be for all our discussions that may arise regarding God’s calling in marriage, especially as that calling blends into God’s calling in parenthood.

PS. Sorry I missed a day. Silly me! I went on vacation and under-counted nights away! lol Give me words over numbers any day! Now I’m back with plenty of stuff for all the posts to come. Come on, Lutherans, let’s write!

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