Luther’d have trouble, too

Usually I pride myself on being a reasonable person. Sure, I kind of try to do it all–I aim for Superwoman. Still, yesterday I was very depressed about my project and trying to be a writer in general. My kind, calming husband pointed out that Luther’d have trouble, too, these days.

Martin Luther was a prolific writer in every sense. He churned pieces out and suddenly printing was big business. I could be wrong, but I once heard that five or six printing presses sprung up in Wittenberg just to keep up with Luther’s writing proclivity.

Still, Luther’d have trouble, too. Nowadays, it is way harder to get printed. Sure, he was a rather salacious author, and edginess still sells, but frankly, I was shocked to hear, he isn’t always the clearer writer. (Really?! Wow!) Because he churned stuff out. Good and great stuff, sure, but the emphasis was on the content rather than writing style.

That’s what I want. I want to get solid content out there! I want our children, our friends/families/selves/etc. immersed in Scriptural perspective and the comforts and teachings of the Gospel!

This whole writing with style is getting me down. Want to know what else is getting me down? Organization. Logical order. Proper connections between sentences.

I’ve been committed to writing since I was a little girl. I even internally identified that way during college when I refused to take any writing or English classes! (I know, I know. I had my reasons and maybe you’d agree with them! Yes, I took lit. classes. I just took them through the Modern Language and Literature department.)

Yesterday I wondered if I should throw it all out. Maybe only keep this blog to keep encouraging others. But, you know, Luther’d have trouble, too. The modern audience is kind of bizarre–or am I alone with that perspective?

If it’s still good content and there are audiences who would benefit, is it really worth giving up? Isn’t it worth the effort?

What probably pains me the most is the time. I just don’t have time for drafts and drafts in rapid succession. But I work in rapid succession! It’s all I have time for! Frankly, even that time should probably go to my children, my husband, and, in pity for my husband, my house. Sigh.

No wonder I don’t get more feedback. People are thankful to see the content, but aren’t sure how to comment on the unorganized mess. (Yes, Myrtle, I tried rearranging after printing and “stripping” the text.)

Guess I’ll do it again. And again. Though it pains me.

I guess I’ll just have to take time before I start the process over again. (I HATE taking time away from a project while in it!!!!!!! HATE IT! It goes against my instinct and possible compulsions!)

Enough angst. Sorry.

Keep writing folks. Somebody’s got to do it. And, you and I are in this together.

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  1. David J. Susan

    Take heart, Mary. Jesus–the Word Himself–wrote nothing that we know of (except those few words in the dirt . . . “hypocrites” or “stuffed shirts,” maybe– John 8:6). And it was Solomon in his wisdom who wrote, “Of making many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh.” (Ecclesiastes 12:12).

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