Reformation Mini-Play

Free resource time! Especially suitable with the Reformation Anniversary soon to arrive! It is a fun little tool for your Reformation celebration with your church family: a Reformation mini-play. It’s only about 12 minutes. Personally I thought my family and a few other volunteers might work it up for Reformation Sunday during our Sunday school opening time. It’s not loaded down with props or anything. It’s written for children and narrator, and it can be either read or memorized. AND, it’s written by none other than Rev. Hans Fiene of Lutheran Satire!

Now, don’t go crazy. Don’t do it during the Divine Service when God has holier gifts to give. Don’t do it as a children’s sermon because, again, ahem God has gifts to give! But you could do it for a big family pot luck if you wanted to. 🙂

Click here and here if you aren’t familiar with Lutheran Satire or if you just need a hearty laugh. (It has over 28,000 subscribers now! And, it is nearing 6 million views on various videos!)

Follow the link below to get a few more details and maybe a friendly jab or two. Keep clicking until you’ve downloaded it.

Or, if I need to sell it a little more–although why sell what’s already free?–there’s Gospel, historical information, and jokes. You only need reading children to get it done. What else could you want?

No. No beer on a Sunday morning. It’ll be a Sunday morning. Now, if it’s an afternoon, I won’t say a word. Especially since I won’t be there. 🙂

I’m not a “skit-person,” but a Reformation mini-play sounds as good as any other I’ve heard about. 🙂 Especially because maybe it can satisfy the itch some of us feel who don’t have enough kids for a regular Christmas pageant, but would like our kids to be involved in some religious presentation. You know, other than those confirmation vows!

Thanks, Pastor Fiene! Keep up the good and fun work!

Luther, the Reformation, and Some Jokes: A 12 Minute Mini-Play for Children

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