Failing Doctrinal Review

I had an idea today that ultimately ended up failing doctrinal review. You know, MY doctrinal review. lol It made me think, maybe it’s best if sometimes things do fail our own standards for clarity. Then, we are free to think and not bound to engage an audience with every little idea we have.

It’s like ideas can be drafts. And, we are totally free to throw them away. No hard feelings. No self-contempt. Just freedom to think, freedom to discern, and freedom to share or not share.

Just maybe ideas aren’t so exceedingly rare that we have to run with every single one. Maybe “failing doctrinal review” or any additional winnowing factor can simply helps safeguard our time toward our neighbors and better projects.

Please note that I don’t encourage you to fail. I encourage you to think doctrinally and critique!

Let yourself fail on occasion, early on in the process, preferrable. Have discernment a part of every writing stage and just maybe we can all get better in our doctrinal review, and, again, whatever additionally factors may strike ideas and drafts out.

Why not? Our identity isn’t bound to every idea we have. Our writing isn’t dependant on every note we take and every mental thread we trace.

Failing doctrinal review is probably just one more step toward better clarity in writing and purpose anyway.

No, this post does not mean I’ve failed synodical doctrinal review. It’s my doctrinal review I’m talking about, although I kind of like the more doctrinal review the better. My poor facebook friends get hit up quite a bit, especially my pastor and writing friends. Humorously, I try not to encroach upon my own ordained husband’s time. (I like to think DR is a quick, energizing favor for a friend, although it’s a string of obligations, sadly, when you’re married to a crazy, sporadic writer like me.)

Anyway, what do you think? Are you your own first level of DR? Would it worry you if you didn’t pass your own standards, even in thought form?


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  1. Charles Lehmann

    Your doctrinal review is probably better than Synod’s. The Lutheran Study Bible passed, for example, even though it says that God may not have actually turned the Nile into blood.

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