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I’m confused by the blogging business. I keep hearing the advice, “Build your audience by giving away books! Just write something up!” But, do I want to be a blogger or a writer? A writer. I want to be a writer and encourage you on the side (no offense). But, just maybe, I’ve had an idea that can do both: encourage you and be a small project I could write to give away.

I was thinking about writing up a free little downloadable booklet of tips for Lutheran writers. Would that interest you? I have a few in mind that can probably make you smile, although it goes against my nature to “just write something up,” “give away books,” and offer what ought to be pretty well known advice. Although, it isn’t that well know. I approach things different, so maybe this is the kind of thing bloggers talk about.

My teaser tip is this (in an earliest draft sort of form): Smile in the Shower. So often when we get our precious moments of quiet, alone, undisturbed, our creative juices start flowing. Yet, when we relax (which often parallels creativity!), we sometimes tend to droop down. Maybe we can write more later if we just turn that frown upside down when we have a chance.

Think of something pleasant or just chew on the study that says even holding a pencil between your teeth can adjust your mood upward. But don’t do it when it’s just another straw on the camel’s back. Do it when you get to relax. Set apart a time when you can smile just by yourself. After all, relaxation time takes on additional significance when one hopes to pursue, nurture, or cherish creativity.

And, I suspect little things like this add up. Momentum is precious. And, momentum isn’t gained by grand sweeping gestures. Sometimes we build up to it by remembering a fond but faded memory. Or, in my case, thinking of a really dumb joke that you really, really enjoyed.

Try it. See how it affects your mood, sure, but also your creativity and energy level.


Interested? Would you prefer a small project like that as a booklet or one of those email courses? (How do people do those, anyway?) Would it be cheating if I posted some, but not all as blog posts? (I get torn about that, myself.) Good idea? Worth my time? Think people would read it? Think it could help the little subset of the population I hope to serve find my blog?

If not, I can totally work on other things! I assure you!!

Either way, I wish you blessings on your writing, small project or otherwise, and your weekend! Woo hoo!


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2 Responses to Small Project

  1. Vanessa

    I am meh on these blog-growth gimmicks. Having been a blogger and a writer for a while, and having implemented some of these blogging tips in the past, I’ve found they aren’t worth the time and effort required. I prefer to see blogs grow organically — by forming relationships with readers or other blogs and getting the word out that way. But I’m not exactly a blogging or writing success, so obviously take my opinion for what it’s worth 😉

  2. Myrtle

    I just love your pen! Write away!!

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