Sabbath structure

I jotted down some notes from the other day to think about later. I’ll share them here in case Sabbath structure thoughts interest you. 🙂

  1. In creation, our Lord prepared man for the Sabbath. He provided for all His needs, including companionship and family. Then gave Him the Sabbath.

Our Lord created the Sabbath for man. The highest expression of love is God’s Word given to man. A gift given without any earning. A gift received in rest, and a gift that gives rest. A gift that includes the Lord’s total care for man.

Then, man works from a place of rest. He gives from a position of reception. God’s gifts are essentially recognized and then shared, received and then multiplied.

Vocation as the “Reach out and pluck.” Yes, it’s work. Yes, there’s Law. Yes, it can be spoken of in terms of what we do rather than what our Lord has done. Yet vocation can only exist because of the “Let there be,” and “let them.”


Our days are not an increase in burdens and tasks.


Just some thoughts.

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