Breaking the Silence

Today I get to share a heartwarming, informative podcast episode titled “Breaking the Silence.” Do you know Mike Rowe’s That’s How I Heard It Series? It’s pretty new to me, but my husband’s been listening to quite a few episodes lately. This one in particular caught my attention.

I’ve really enjoyed Mike Rowe as a storyteller! Linked below, this piece is only ten minutes and totally worth it! It ties into poetry, character, overcoming our own perceived limitations, and developing through text and the arts.

(I do think it’s super funny that there’s a warning on this video regarding partial nudity. Ha ha ha haaaaaaaa. I didn’t know that when I first thought to post this. We listen over Ned’s phone, not with video.)

(Also I for one wouldn’t want his robe. His coffee cup, however, would probably be super cool.)

The Way I Heard It: Breaking the Silence

Your word for the day can be extant. In searching in the Internet for a copy of the poem mentioned, I found it is no longer extant. 🙁 How sad.

Still, yay for short stories!! Yay for reading aloud short stories! Yay for poetry, overcoming trials, and beautiful voices!

I’ll even say it: yay for male voices. I’m a fan.

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