To Summarize

Sometimes a person gets a great idea before they’re done with their previous great idea. Right? To summarize my muddled state of mind, that’s what’s happened to me.

Actually, I sort of had a great idea, had a great idea, had a great idea, and then realized that . . . there wasn’t really anyone else but me to do something about them.

What I want to do? Write. But I’m not getting much writing time.

I’m developing two websites, at least one of which I know I’ve alluded to here before. 

I don’t want this to affect my blogging for writers. I want to write, and I want to encourage you guys to write. 

I’ll do my best to do my best, offer you encouraging stuff to think or write about, and try to survive a kind of crazy summer. But the good news is that I hope that both projects can essentially get set up by mid-summer, so I can get back to great writing ideas rather than great serving ideas.

I also have big plans that can positively affect what you and I do together: modern Lutheran writing. Woo hoo! It’s just on ice, waiting to be defrosted later.

Meanwhile, if I were a dog, people’d want to put me down. Boy, I am sick and just not beating this thing.

Wish me well, folks. I’ll keep you posted but not too posted. 🙂

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