Past, Present, and Yet to Come

I have a clever project I get to tell you about today. 🙂  It’s about to release, but admittedly you might not jump to read it right away. It’s Hope for Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come: Daily Prayers for Advent by Lutheran author Stephenie Hovland.

You may know Stephenie best through her work with CPH. She’s actually written quite a few children’s books (maybe a dozen?), including a few Arch books and the Muhlenberg volume of the Hero of Faith series for CPH.

This latest project is a little paper prayer book that incorporates themes from Dicken’s famous book, A Christmas Carol, into Advent prayers. Clever! Fun! Great for the whole family! (For what it’s worth, in our homeschool curriculum, A Christmas Carol is assigned in fifth grade.)

Now, if you’re interested in other products related to A Christmas Carol, it looks like Creative Communications is a good place to look! Not saying they’re all written by Lutherans, but they look like an interesting selection.

Again, here is the link to the prayer book. And tell you what. I’ll remind you again before Advent.

Furthermore, I’ll suggest this. Get your congregations to buy these in bulk as an Advent gift and keep a stack in your narthex once Advent comes around. Or my own congregation participates in the “Festival of Lights” parade through our small downtown. This is something we could hand out instead of candy or church fliers! Just slap a church address label with church times on it and you’re good to go! 🙂

I’ll link Stephenie’s other Advent/Christmas books at the bottom of this post, too.

We’re starting our first day of homeschool (and our first ever day of co-op!) today so I’ll remind you to feel free to say a few prayers for students and teachers.

Happy reading, writing, and quite possibly ‘rithmeticking! 😀


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  1. Thanks so much, Mary. It was a fun project!

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