Frustrated with Reality?

Sometimes I get frustrated with reality.

Yesterday The Babylon Bee had a funny article and I woke up this morning thinking about it.

The thing is, folks, even when we are frustrated with reality our problem isn’t really with reality. And maybe it can help to remember that God’s Word continues to echo through Creation.

Creation is fallen. Sin truly is this bad and worse. But this is no less God’s creation. No matter the social madness, Christ has still died for these men, women, and children.

Frustration? Natural. Anger? Maybe.

Yet thanks be to God for His Word! His Word made flesh who died and rose to reconcile us with the Father! AND His Word bouncing around creation which continues to cause men and women to seek (monogamous, anti-divorce) marriage, children, and common good, as one set of examples.

Pressing the limits can drive any parent crazy. What is happening in society except pressing limits?  Now, I’m not saying there are not significant dangers–these are brothers and sisters, sons and daughters succumbing to lies! But thanks be to God that He is our Father and He offers forgiveness, truth, and wisdom freely from His hand.

Ok, ok, there is also the huge problem revolving around refusal to admit when something is wrong. But that, too, is limited to the role God allows for it.

Lord, grant us faith. Strengthen us by Your Word! Amen.

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