A Martyr’s Faith in a Faithless World

Yay! It’s a release day for what promises to be a fabulous book! A Martyr’s Faith in a Faithless World by Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller can now hit your shelf!

Go ahead and read the Amazon description, but I don’t think it does the book justice. It, um, doesn’t mention martyrs. <Scratches head>

Anyway, the martyrs listed in the table of content are:

  • St. Stephen
    • Christians Need Heroes
    • The Planted Word
    • Jesus Loves Me, This I Know
    • The BIble is Not (Only) a Children’s Book
  • St. Perpetua
    • The Bird Is the Devil (Spiritual Warfare)
    • A Declaration of War
    • The Liar and the Lie
    •  The Field of Battle: The Three Estates and the Castle of the Conscience
    • The Devil’s Tactic: Attack Repentance
    • The Armor of God
    • The Cross Is the Devil’s Defeat
    • They Did Not Love Their Lives unto Death
  • Polycarp
    • Suffering and the Attack on Home: In the Rocks with Shallow Roots
    • Job, Suffering, and the Assault and the Preaching of the Altar
    • Peter’s Six Counsels to the Suffering
    • Joy in Suffering
  • Romanus
    • In the Weeds: The Lust of the Flesh and the Pride of Life
    • Our Sinful Flesh
    • Lust Lives in Every Commandment
    • The Anatomy of Temptation
    • Sex and Money
    • Sanctification Is a Lot of Little Deaths
    • True Freedom and the Full Life
  • St. Agatha
    • Unless the Seed Falls to the Ground and Dies
    • Jesus Is Our Champion
    • The Difficulty of Being Paul’s Enemy
    • Encouragement for the Weary
  • Epilogue: Luther on the Joy and Gladness of the Martyrs as They Go to the Death

What a fabulous table of contents! It’s provocative, descriptive, and just plain sounds good, substantial, and applicable!

I’m not in the time of year when I can get a whole lot of reading done, but I’m already ready to tip my hat in respect to Rev. Wolfmueller, aren’t you? He’s become a prolific, timely, and very helpful Lutheran author!

Keep up the great work!!! And incorporating martyrs makes me eager to add this to my homeschooling plan! May God grant that my own family can each have a martyr’s faith, although, you know, we prefer a peaceful and quiet life.

I am glad that the description pretty much states that CPH sees “budding theologians,” “the newly catechized,” and “the curious college student” as its audience. And Lutheran theology truly is “glorious and mysterious,” “relatable and applicable.” 🙂

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