Anselm’s Doctrine of God

Interested in exercising your brain & your theological thinking? I am! So I’m happy to share that the Weidner Institute is presenting a class on Anselm’s Doctrine of God taught by Dr. Nathan Greeley.

Here’s the announcement from the source, the Lutheran website Just and Sinner.

The Weidner Institute

I haven’t taken any classes through the Weidner Institute, though I applaud it’s goal of providing theological education even to those who are not pursuing a seminary degree. Note: that’s us!

Here’s the About Us for the institute in quotation:

The Weidner Institute exists to provide theological education both to those who are interested in learning, but not in gaining a Seminary degree, as well as for pastors and other church workers who desire to have continued education. This is done through specialized courses offered online on a variety of subjects, along with single-evening seminars. They range from introductory courses to more advanced topics.

Along with these events, the Institute is developing a series of books which compile essays on various theological topics from a practical and academic perspective. We are also interested in the future publication of dissertations and other academic theological texts which approach their subject from a Lutheran perspective. We are now receiving submissions which can be sent to [email protected]


​The Weidner Institute is named after the nineteenth-century American Lutheran Theologian Revere Franklin Weidner. Weidner wrote numerous books on systematic theology, Biblical theology, and ethics. Within the age of revivalism, he was a proponent of Confessional Lutheran theology and identity, and he communicated this through teaching and writing. At the Weidner Institute, we honor his legacy through a similar promotion of Confessionalism in an age of confusion in the church. 

Want to explore stimulating Christian writing?

So. Back to the current opportunity: There will be an evening seminar on Anselm’s Doctrine of God on August 22nd at 8pm EST for $15. Register at the bottom of this page. 😀 If you can’t attend live, you can receive a video the following day. Excellent.

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