Another Weekly Devotion Resource

Thanks to two friendly someones, I can tell you about another weekly devotion resource: Crumbs by Rev. Carl Manthey Zorn, Lutheran missionary and pastor, published in 1914.

I heard about the book and searched for it to no avail. Finally I went to the Facebook group Lutherans Selling Books to ask. I mean, it’s an old CPH book. Who knows who may have an old copy, right? 

But I got directed back to a website I know and love—I just didn’t know how much to know and love it! ha haa. Scholia lists each week, which follows the propers of the One Year Lectionary. For free!

Bam. Awesome!

I’ll add this right next to Around the Word on my free Lutheran resource page.

Any other resources you’d like to tell me about these days? 😀

By the way, it’s titled Crumbs because it followed a devotional book, Manna. Crumbs is is more bite-sized for families. I LOVE IT!

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