A Joyous Season

Today’s post is a review of Aretta Gordish‘s third book in her series, Our Life in Snowflake Falls: A Joyous Season.

A Joyous Season Review

I really enjoy the simplicity that this Snowflake Fall series has to offer. I like to imagine a place where neighbors are more or less straight-forward and good—gossipy perhaps but ultimately conducive to happy, warm endings.

I enjoyed the first two books in this series (and a Valentine’s Day special I found). I enjoyed this one, too, though it handled some very serious subject material, including domestic violence and neglect. I wish some of those parts hadn’t been quite so simply handled. Still once again you get a happy ending with Christians reaching out in love,  love at first sight that lasts in purity, and children growing up into folks to be proud of. Sometimes that’s just what you want to read. 🙂 

If you’ve liked previous books in the series, you’ll be happy to be back with the characters again.



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  1. Aretta

    Here’s a little inside scoop about the story, not much research had to be done in regards to domestic abuse. You see, this was something I grew up with. My father was an alcoholic. There was time he even showed up drunk at the church to retrieve my mother…though I won’t say anything more for those who haven’t read the story yet. So what you are reading, is coming from the perspective of a child who grew up in such a home. Domestic abuse is one of those things that we all know about, and yet until you live it yourself you will never really understand the why’s. Why do people stay in such a relationship? Why don’t they just call the police? As a child witnessing this in my home, I will say that the abuse causes so much more mental damage than physical. It took my mother 18 years before she was able to get out. She reached out to family, who didn’t always believe her. My father was good at hiding his abuse. My husband and I also adopted a little girl at the age of 4….again I won’t share anything for those who haven’t read, but as I wrote this story, I was able to write how I wish my true story would have ended. It wasn’t, but what I do know is this, in the midst of such evil and abuse….by trusting in God and his love and healing power, a joyous season can still arise.

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