Matchmaker Bride

I’ve posted several new non-fiction releases so let’s announce a fiction one! Lutheran author Diana Lesire Brandmeyer has just released Matchmaker Bride of the Small Town Brides series. 

I’ve had her listed on my List of Living Authors for a long time, but I’m not sure whether I’ve blogged about her before. Brandmeyer likes to write fiction about women facing their fears rather than run from them. She writes historical and contemporary romances, and she is a CBA and ECPA Best-Selling author. Awesome!

Seriously. She’s written . . . I’d say 30 books? For kids and adults, fiction and non-fiction. You should check out her Amazon author page and scroll through her titles.

Here’s the Amazon description for her latest, Matchmaker Bride:

She’s the best matchmaker in town… Or is she?

Emmie Mueller is ready to join her family in Kansas as soon as her grandmother sells the boarding house. Her grandmother won’t leave until the bachelors living in the boarding house have a new home. Emmie has a plan to use her matchmaking skills to find wives for the men. Tables are turned when the bachelors attempt to match her with the newest man in town.

Matchmaker Bride is a fun-filled historical Christian historical novella is set in Trenton, Illinois in the late 1800s. If you like stepping back to a simpler time then you’ll love Diana Lesire Brandmeyer’s poignant tale.


Now, this brings the total number of books in the series up to five! I’m guessing each book is a stand alone, since there isn’t a volume number, which means, really, you could just see which setting & plot line appeals to you most when you’re in the mood for a “wholesome romance,” as one commenter put it. 🙂

Here’s Diana’s website if you’d like to learn more.

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