Drowning in Academia: A Bailey Homeschool Mystery

Lutheran author Patty Joy has recently released her second book in her series, “A Bailey Homeschool Mystery“!

Patty Joy is a third-generation Lutheran school teacher. In her own words, she “detoured into the world of homeschooling.” 🙂 Then some of that fun translated to time to write!

In her series, a couple, Rainbow & Martin Bailey, homeschool their five children and, “between lessons and laundry,” solve mysteries through their curiosity and thirst for answers. It’s set in a small town. Martin runs a sandwich shop, so that’s fun, too. 

I’ll give you the Amazon blurbs for both:

While homeschooling her five children in her small town, Rainbow Bailey spends her days knee deep in lesson plans, laundry, and science projects. Between helping run her husband’s sandwich shop and preparing for the town fundraiser, Rainbow’s plate is full. One night off, she discovers a body wrapped in plastic and tossed into a dumpster, turning her whole world upside down. Charlottesville’s new chief of police, fresh from the big city, is struggling to adjust to small-town life. With no good clues to follow, he sets his eyes on Rainbow as the prime suspect. Will Rainbow and her kids, with their unending curiosity and thirst for answers, be able to convince Chief Flint that she had nothing to do with poor Harmless Harvey’s death, and catch the killer before he or she kills again?

Then comes the latest installment:


Rainbow Bailey’s best friend, Jill Jensen, needed help. Her son’s ex-girlfriend, a senior student at the local college, wished to use Jill’s backyard pool for a science experiment. For safety precautions, Jill insisted Rainbow and her older boys supervised Lydia when she was doing her experiments. Standing by as lifeguards as she tested a new type of scuba gear, Skylar and Hunter dove into trial-and-error world of testing scientific theory. The project was swimming along, until one morning, they discovered Lydia floating in the pool without them. Rainbow hoped it was an accident, but the boys insist it was murder, ultimately placing a target on their friend and their family. Meanwhile Rainbow, who is used to rubbing people the wrong way, develops an enemy of her own. Every step turns out to be in the wrong direction. Or is it? Will the Bailey family complete their research in time to free their friend and catch a killer before the competition ends and the suspects scatter across the county?

If you enjoy small town mysteries, then A Bailey Homeschool Mystery series is for you. Sounds like a fun read! 🙂 Keep up the great work, Patty!

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