On These Black Sands

So, I’m not having the easiest of transitions between homeschooling and summer. I just can’t get on top of what I’m supposed to be doing. My solution? Read the preview copy of Lutheran author Vanessa Rasanen‘s upcoming release, On These Black Sands🙂

You may recognize the name Vanessa Rasanen from her earlier novel, Soldier On (which I favorably reviewed here).

Her latest book, On These Black Sands won’t release until August 10th so I’ll save my review for then. For now I’ll say, sometimes a nice swashbuckling novel really hits the spot! This is a very readable, enjoyable way to escape and, if you can follow my way of thinking, to let my brain “re-zone.” I read it in two concentrated chunks of time over two days and I’m more re-centered after having done so.

There was good world building, enjoyable writing, and some really good quotes. I think even more than liking characters, I liked the relationships between characters. Know what I mean? Especially between the young pirate captain and his first mate.

It is the first of a series, however, so, Vanessa, I hope you’re already writing the next one! I obviously need more pirates in my life and more books in your Aisling Sea series.

Preorder for only $6.99. Here’s the GoodReads page and Vanessa’s website (Her newsletter is always an interesting one, if you’re into those.).

Blessed Ascension Day! Christ be with us all!


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