D. Axtell Boyd

I found out about another Lutheran author for you: Rev. (David) D. Axtell Boyd! He’s published a novel and an accompanying devotional and is already working on his next. Yay!

Rev. Boyd is a retired LCMS pastor, who published Ramses’ Run just last year. 

Here’s the Amazon blurb:

An enormous ram obsessed with a mythical valley—a disfigured wolf on a quest for revenge. They’re on a collision course. When they meet worlds shatter. Ramses’ life is upside down. He’s disgruntled, bored and ready for a change even if it costs him his life. A bee mistakes his ear for a flower, setting in motion a journey that will bring him to the brink of madness. Anaph is obsessed with killing the one who ruined his face—and his life, his father, Krum. But when he tracks a ram onto a small outcropping of rock, he enters a terrifying world that challenges everything he’s been taught. Not just another ‘talking animal’ story, Ramses’ Run grabs the reader and won’t let go as it twists and turns, propelling the reader toward an unforgettable ending.

I cannot be the only one to recall children’s books like A Fly Went By. I would almost call them a genre in themselves. Then, add in children’s literature like The Chronicles of Narnia and The Green Ember. Though some would stop there in their reading about talking animals, there’s, well, surprisingly a lot more!

Of course, I’m not even saying that The Chronicles of Narnia is merely for children, but books like The Book of the Dun Cow really push animal-centered storylines into adult mainstream.

Now, I haven’t read this one yet, but its descriptions calls to my mind the theological allegory and storytelling of Rev. Michael L. McCoy. I really appreciate his work, although sometimes he includes quite intense elements!

Rev. Boyd also has a 48-page companion piece: a devotional study guide for Ramses’ Run, titled, Ramology: A Companion Study Guide for Ramses’ Run.

Plus, it looks like he has a work of non-fiction: Restless: How the universal longings for perfect beauty, truth, justice, love and home are satisfied in the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Obviously that one sounds promising!

Plus, rumor has it that Rev. Boyd is working on another story and has recorded audio for Ramses’ Run, which will become available through Audible.

Woo hoo! Welcome to my list of Living Lutheran Authors, Rev. Boyd! 


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  1. David Boyd

    My latest book, Larkin and the Lightman–(a deaf boy comes to faith in Christ through stained glass windows. He is living in 14th century England) will be released by Amazon by the end of August. It was written with children in mind, but seems to have a wider appeal. It will be available in both hard and soft covers.

    My next release, Restless: How Our Universal Longings for Perfect Justice, Love, Home, Truth and Beauty are Satisfied in Jesus Christ will be available in September.

    Would you be willing to share these with your subscribers?

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