Devotional Commentary, Volume 1

Lutheran translator Bror Erickson has a newly translated work of Bo Giertz out (!): The New Testament Devotional Commentary, Volume 1: Matthew, Mark, and Luke. If it’s anything like Bo Giertz’s Romans: A Devotional CommentaryI bet it’s stellar! (And since they are written by the same guy, and then translated by the same guy, shouldn’t they be similar?! Yay!)

Here’s a link to my review on  Romans: A Devotional Commentary. In summary, “I love this book! . . . . A homeschoolers dream!”

Here’s the Amazon blurb for The New Testament Devotional Commentary, Volume 1:

Bible commentaries are rarely so brief, and even more rarely so insightful or helpful. Bo Giertz’s trilogy of New Testament commentaries read as short devotions that not only give the reader a better understanding of the factual context in which these Scriptures were written, but also how they apply to people in their everyday lives. Moving passage by passage, Giertz brings the law to bear in soul searching simplicity before preaching Christ and him crucified for the forgiveness of sins to all who have ears to hear.

This first volume covers the synoptic gospels, highlighting the unique perspective that Matthew, Mark, and Luke bring to us about the earthly life of Jesus. Each section begins with a brief introduction to the book, its author, and its place in history. The subsequent chapters each focus on a single pericope, bursting with gospel insights that will enrich the faith of the pastor and the layman alike.

Of course, what I want to know is what constitutes the trilogy of devotional commentaries and when will they all be published? 😀

PLUS this is out in time for Christmas. Excellent!

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