The Earl’s Christmas Delivery

Today’s post is a review of Lutheran author Susan Gee Heino‘s book, The Earl’s Christmas Delivery🙂

First, a disclaimer. I’ve been reading a lot lately. I’m not sure it’s even been healthy, ha haaa, but I was trying to read as much on Kindle Unlimited as possible before my free trial ran out. Ha haaaa. (I bet some of you out there have experienced something similar!) Anyway, I expect to review out of order from my reading, which may show up, for instance, when I later review the first book I read by Susan Gee Heino! But at least I have plenty of books to review up my sleeve. 🙂

Next, Amazon’s synopsis:

Ebenezer Scrooge meets Jane Austen on the road to Bethlehem…

The Earl of Bahumburgh, thinks he’s merely delivering Christmas gifts to his sister. His simple trip home turns into a madcap journey filled with gold, frankincense, myrrh… even bedraggled shepherds. A beautiful young woman helps show him the way and the most unexpected thing happens–there might be no room at the inn, but he finds space in his heart for true love.

The Earl’s Christmas Delivery Review

I thought it was a hilarious idea to have an Earl of Bahumburgh star in a regency era novella full of references to A Christmas Carol! I loved each and every literary allusion.

Was this a sweet little regency romance? It sure was. Sure, things got stretched a bit, in fun, with the “Carol-ing,” but I had a nice time reading this.

Was this an actual retelling of A Christmas Carol? No. Which I think is for the best. At the same time, The Earl’s Christmas Delivery did deliver tensions between wealth and poverty, grief and joy, and stagnancy and journey. Though a younger and, dare I say, less crotchety fellow than Ebenezer Scrooge receives enlightenment, this was still a hat tip to far greater things at work than our own aspirations, bumblings, and misunderstandings. 🙂 

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