Faith Alone: The Heart of Everything

The heart of everything. Isn’t that what you want to get to? 🙂 Today’s the release day of what’s sure to be a great Lutheran novel! Likely one for ages to come! Lutheran pastor Bror Erickson, who has shown a real talent and skill translating Bo Giertz, is now offering in English Faith Alone: The Heart of Everythinga prequel to Giertz’s well-loved novel The Hammer of God.

It sounds really great. Here’s an excerpt of Faith Alone and here is a glowing review from LCMS pastor Eric Brown on GoodReads, including this gem of a description:

[A] wonderful narrative apologetic for the classic Lutheran faith; gracious to the opponents of Lutheranism yet still steadfast and clear in its own theological position.

Look here to see all sorts of Bo Giertz that Bror Erickson has translated. 🙂 Great stuff: historical fiction, sermons, devotions, essays, and articles.

I haven’t reviewed them all yet, though I’ve enjoyed all I’ve read. You can find my review of the truly excellent Romans: A Devotional Commentary here. Even great for junior high or high school kids. I’ve never read anything Bo Giertz that didn’t keep me thinking about it.


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  1. Bror Erickson

    Thank you so much for doing this!

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