Across the Ocean

Today’s post is a review of Lutheran author Celena Marie Janton‘s book, Across the Ocean.

Across the Ocean Review

What a lovely, wholesome book! At about 100 pages, this lent me a pleasant afternoon. A bit simple for adults, but this book would easily serve as a read alone or read aloud for those ages 9 and up. 

Across the Ocean is told nice & simply in a fairytale style, but rather than a wicked witch or a supernatural evil there is an established ignorance. Will that tempt a growing girl as she enters a new life and land? Or will she learn what it really means to be a princess of the King?

This is the first of three in the series, A Christian Fairytale (although it looks like the last of the three can be read as a stand alone and features a dragon and adventure!).

It is so nice to find a book like this, especially one gears for this age! I think it could open up some very good discussion without being unnecessarily dense or heavy.  

or get the whole series here: 

For those of you more interested in adult fiction, Celena Janton also has a three book series, Of Time and EternityIt’s about time travel between present day, pre-Revolutionary America, and even as far back as 18th century England!

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