Sometimes a theologian seems particularly suitable for a given time. For example, several became more popular when interest into a Lutheran understanding of vocation exploded. Now, I expect, Hamann is going to skyrocket in popularity.

Johann Hamann was a philosopher. In fact, he was friends with Kant, and, in the words of my father, influenced thinkers ranging from Goethe to Kierkegaard to CFW Walther.  

He may have been the first one to use meta as a prefix rather than a preposition. Isn’t that already a hint that his writings are timely?!

So. George Strieter, of Ballast Press, was one of the guys who really got Lutheran vocation back into Lutheran mainstream. Now, he’s published the first complete English translation of Hamann’s London Writings, the spiritual and theological journal of a guy who went from a rationalist back to devout, astute (!) Lutheranism! 

John Kleinig translated it & my dad Gene Veith edited and formatted it. It’s been an absolute labor of love. And now it’s available!

There is significantly great stuff in here. My dad would read me snippets and we’d discuss concepts and application. GREAT STUFF!

Go here to read my dad’s blog post announcing and introducing the book. He plans to blog about the London Writings and Hamann all week.

Go here to see the Ballast Press product page for it. Right now it’s $65 there, which is $10 less than Amazon. (It’s also set up to handle international shipping!)

You can go here to see it on Amazon and add it to your wishlist, but there wasn’t a Look Inside feature when I last looked.

Now, listen. I know it’s on the pricy side, but it’s a serious and large book. Full of gems. Full of insight, biblical application, and, frankly, an anticipation and answer to postmodernism. It’s pretty tremendous.

Thank you, Lord, for translators! Thank you that there are so many quality books written!!


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  1. Adam

    Hi I loved John Betz’s book on Hamann but cant seem to find the Ballast Press copy. Is it no longer available?



    • I think John Betz’s book is available on Amazon. I know Ballast has produced a translation of some of Hamann’s work, but I don’t know of a connection between Betz and Ballast. Hope you find what you’re looking for!

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