A week of blogging thoughts, part 4

What I would like to do is read impressive things and become a respected, articulate expert on all sorts of awesome things. However, what I tend to do is read fiction on a treadmill while I try to escape reality half an hour at a time. 

I am so eager for non-fiction in some ways and so slow in others! I can read a few pages and glow for days from the insight! And then not pick up the book again.

I don’t know why I do that. There are several really, really good books that I started and haven’t picked up in years. Why?

Probably because fiction is such a nice quick fix. It’s possible for me to read a quick novel in a day, if I play the other days of the week right. My kids have a regular PE class MWF from 1:30-3pm which means sometimes I can bank on 4 1/2 hours of reading each week, if not more during my somewhat-down time. PE has been a game changer in a lot of ways since ALL my kids are thereby under the supervision of someone else!

But what I ought to do is embrace reality. Embracing life is a step toward improving it. 

So what I’ve started to do is research & write for about an hour each PE session. Then I read some fiction typically on the treadmill for the remaining 30 minutes. It isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely progress. I know it would be better with bigger chunks of time, but, well, maybe summer will allow for it.

Ha ha haa, last summer I hoped to wrap up this writing project. Then I want to send it to several significant figures for feedback before trying to get it published. 

But maybe I really will wrap up this project this summer. 

So I’m a busy girl. My ambitions are shifting, but ambitions remain. I told myself I wouldn’t try to learn organ until this writing project is finished, and wouldn’t I love to have organ played in church more often?!

But, like my non-fiction/ fiction thing, I keep doing quick little projects rather than adding to my longer, more important projects. Why do I do this? Sometimes because I hope to make a little money, folks! I wonder if I give away too much? But on the other hand, who knows if I ever will finish my bigger projects? Maybe I should just offer what I have when I can find a little time to do something? <Sigh>

Choices are hard. And there are just so many of them throughout every single day!

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