A week of blogging thoughts, part 5

My husband has teased me that every hobby I take up I monetize. It’s true. I went from a personal blog to a professional one, from student papers to writing, and even from tinkering on the piano to accompanying church services. I homeschool and started a homeschool site! And, folks, there’s more I want to do! So why don’t I go the way so many other bloggers have and move to a subscription model?

My dad just started a subscription. By all means join it . I’m sure it’s worth every penny. Also, my dad is awesome & working extra hard on it.

If I understand correctly, Patheos was interested in the model and wanted my dad to help pioneer it with them. Fine. So he suggested I do the same. He thought it would be a more reliable source of income for me.

Except. I want my reviews & lists of resources found through searches. I don’t have the energy to improve my content, and I’m not sure whether I can keep names straight well enough to really cultivate a ton of commenter community. Small talk isn’t my gift.

In other words, I just don’t see how to do it and I’m not convinced you would subscribe anyway! Ha ha haaa, so thus far this blog remains free and clear of subscription. If you ever want to give back, buy my books, review my books, maybe visit LutheranHomeschool.com. Give me a kind word. I really treasure those.

Though I do wish I could make a bit more money. I thought about trying for Portals of Prayer again, but, heavens. I just don’t see how I can add anything to my plate. I don’t see how I can improve. I only see keepin’ on and keepin’ on.

Maybe I should make a list of the Lutherans with subscription services! Except I feel like it’s harder to find people than ever. It’s a world of niches and assumptions. 

What a world and what a week. Thanks for letting me just sort of vent thoughts for a week. Since I knew there weren’t any planned releases, etc., it seemed to work out well, corresponding with a slightly refreshed after Easter weekend. 🙂

Thanks for reading. Thanks for writing! Blessings on your weekend!


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  1. Jerry Gernander

    I love your dad and his blog, but I just am not going to play a subscription for the content. I enjoy your blog and want to keep reading it, so I ask you to please not go that route.

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