A week of blogging thoughts, part 3

I don’t believe in mind over matter. The Triune God created us as embodied souls. Mind is not, or should not be, set against other parts of God’s creation. However, I think we all regularly experience attacks against our minds, likely even more than attacks against our bodies.

Let’s guard against all attacks, shall we? Let’s work to protect ourselves and all people against all attacks, right?

So, back in the day, when I was young and ambitious, taking languages after languages, not realizing how quickly even the best classes could be forgotten (waaaaaaaaaaah!), I took summer Greek at seminary. I’d only taken classical Greek and I figured I should get my Koine up to par and experience such a classical seminary experience.

I used to say to the guys, “It’s psychological warfare. You will do fine as long as you don’t freak out.”

I’m a firm believe that we are more capable than we often realize. When actual obstacles arise, the good Lord continues to send air into our lungs, light into our eyes, and we live on! Often we even walk on. We climb up, a little at a time, and sometimes things get easier, sometimes they get harder, but life continues. 

Keep breathing. Try not to flail around lest you strike yourself or harm those around you. 

But, to get back to the point of this post, the mind doesn’t conquer all. And it can be so hard to get my brain to focus on what it ought to focus on! Attacks on the mind don’t stay the same. Now attacks can be temptations toward mindlessness.

Maybe I need to take a few deep breathes and relax. Think some thoughts. Straighten up, literally & proverbially. Because who says I have to blog a certain way? Who says I can’t calm down enough to have some minor thoughts to share? Who says I can’t keep doing what I had been doing?

I do think that spending time online has set up me for an unexpected complication. I’m a bit hooked on feedback. Except I work in fields that simply don’t get feedback. Ha ha haaaa. I write books and struggle to get reviews. I write a blog for something like seven years now and likely remember every comment I ever received! I try to write theology for kids & work toward Lutheran homeschool curriculum. I was one of those co-workers who was sweet and supportive and loved being involved in things. But shall we say that kids-as-coworkers is a different sort of scenario? 😀

Probably I’m niche of niche of niche. I should get past the lack of feedback & camaraderie, because I do have support. I do. 

Keep on keeping on, Mary. Keep on keeping on, you, too, and we’ll do this together, to the best of our abilities.

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