Dragon Fury

Today I’ll review Lutheran author Jonathan Moeller‘s book 2 in the Malison series: Dragon Fury.

Dragon Fury Review

So you can already tell the hero is growing up. I kind of wish Moeller hadn’t skipped over Tyrcamber’s magical training and early days in his order. Still, this second installment moves things along with a new setting, continuing conspiratory heresy, and exploration into the world and its fantastical denizens. 

I was a little surprised to see some steps toward political and philosophical progression of thought, too. Good developments. This series may be tackling even more than I initially expected, and I think that’s great. 🙂

Swords, sorcery, exploration, and two more books in the series to read!



The Ghosts / Ghost Exile Series / Ghost Night Series

  • Child of the Ghosts
  • Ghost Aria (short story)
  • Blade of the Ghosts
  • Ghost in the Flames
  • Ghost Dagger (novella)
  • Ghost Light (short story)
  • Ghost in the Blood
  • The Fall of Kyrace (short story)
  • Ghost in the Storm
  • Ghost in the Stone
  • Ghost in the Forge
  • Ghost Claws (short story)
  • Ghost Omens (short story)
  • Ghost in the Ashes
  • Ghost in the Mask
  • Ghost Thorns (novella)
  • Ghost Undying (short story)
  • Ghost in the Surge
  • Ghost in the Cowl
  • Ghost Sword (short story)
  • Ghost in the Maze
  • Ghost Price (novella)
  • Ghost Relics (novella)
  • Ghost Vessel (short story)
  • Ghost Candle (short story)
  • Ghost in the Hunt
  • Ghost Keeper (novella)
  • Ghost Nails (novella)
  • Blood Artists (short story)
  • Bound To The Eye (short story)
  • Ghost in the Razor
  • Ghost Lock (short story)
  • Ghost in the Inferno
  • Ghost Mimic (novella)
  • Ghost Arts (short story)
  • Ghost in the Seal
  • Ghost Vigil (short story)
  • Ghost in the Throne
  • Ghost in the Pact
  • Ghost in the Winds
  • Ghost in the Ring
  • Ghost in the Glass
  • Ghost in the Amulet
  • Ghost in the Tower
  • Ghost in the Vault
  • Ghost in the Council
  • Ghost Shadow (short story)
  • Ghost in the Vision

The Frostborn / Sevenfold Sword / Dragontiarna Series

  • The Soulblade’s Tale (short story)
  • The Knight’s Tale (novella)
  • The Orc’s Tale (short story)
  • Frostborn: The First Quest
  • The Bone Orcs (short story)
  • The Skull Trees (short story)
  • The Dagger Jaws (short story)
  • The Ghost Halfling (short story)
  • The Ruin Gate (short story)
  • The Elder Shamans (short story)
  • Frostborn: The Gray Knight
  • Frostborn: The Eightfold Knife
  • The Mage’s Tale (novella)
  • Frostborn: The Undying Wizard
  • The Thief’s Tale (novella)
  • The Assassin’s Tale (novella)
  • Frostborn: The Master Thief
  • Frostborn: The Iron Tower
  • The Paladin’s Tale (novella)
  • Frostborn: The Dark Warden
  • The Traitor’s Tale (novella)
  • Frostborn: The Gorgon Spirit
  • Frostborn: The Broken Mage
  • The Soldier’s Tale (novella)
  • Frostborn: The World Gate
  • Frostborn: The High Lords
  • Frostborn: The False King
  • Frostborn: The Dwarven Prince
  • Frostborn: Excalibur
  • Frostborn: The Dragon Knight
  • Frostborn: The Shadow Prison
  • Shield Knight: Ghost Orcs (novella)
  • Sevenfold Sword: Champion
  • Sevenfold Sword: Swordbearer
  • Shield Knight: Third’s Tale (novella)
  • Sevenfold Sword: Warlord
  • Shield Knight: Calliande’s Tale (novella)
  • Sevenfold Sword: Necromancer
  • Shield Knight: Ridmark’s Tale (novella)
  • Sevenfold Sword: Shadow
  • Shield Knight: Soulblades
  • Sevenfold Sword: Unity
  • Shield Knight: Gavin’s Tale
  • Shield Knight: Duel
  • Sevenfold Sword: Sorceress
  • Sevenfold Sword: Serpent
  • Sevenfold Sword: Tower
  • Shield Knight: Apprentice
  • Sevenfold Sword: Maze
  • Shield Knight: Rhodruthain
  • Sevenfold Sword: Guardian
  • Sevenfold Sword: Sovereign
  • Shield Knight: Third’s Tower (short story)
  • Dragontiarna: Knights
  • Dragontiarna: Thieves
  • Shield Knight: Two Thieves
  • Dragontiarna: Gates
  • Dragontiarna: Wraiths
  • Shield Knight: Healer
  • Shield Knight: Stormblades
  • Shield Knight: Liege Lord
  • Dragontiarna: Legions
  • Dragontiarna: Defenders
  • Dragontiarna: Crowns

The Malison Series

  • Malison: Dragon Curse (reviewed here)
  • Malison: Dragon Fury (reviewed here)
  • Malison: Dragon Umbra
  • Malison: Dragon War

The Demonsouled / Mask of the Demonsouled Series

  • The Wandering Knight (short story)
  • The Tournament Knight (short story)
  • The Ransom Knight (novella)
  • The Bronze Knight (novella)
  • The Rune Knight (novella)
  • Demonsouled
  • The Dragon’s Shadow (novella)
  • Soul of Tyrants
  • Soul of Serpents
  • Soul of Dragons
  • Soul of Sorcery
  • Soul of Skulls
  • Soul of Swords
  • The Serpent Knight (novella)
  • Mask of Swords
  • Mask of Dragons
  • Mask of Spells

The Wraithshard Series

  • Wraithshard: Sword & Flame
  • Wraithshard: Siege & Storm
  • Wraithshard: Mage & Knight
  • Wraithshard: Pyre & Forge
  • Wraithshard: Wrath & Battle

The Cloak Games / Cloak Mage Series

  • Cloak Games: Thief Trap (reviewed here)
  • Cloak Games: Frost Fever (reviewed here)
  • Cloak Games: Rebel Fist (reviewed here)
  • Wraith Wolf (short story) (reviewed here)
  • Cloak Games: Shadow Jump
  • Cloak Games: Shatter Stone
  • Dragon Pearl (short story)
  • Cloak Games: Truth Chain
  • Cloak Games: Tomb Howl
  • Iron Image (short story)
  • Cloak Games: Hammer Break
  • Cloak Games: Blood Cast
  • Cloak Games: Last Judge
  • Cloak Games: Sky Hammer
  • Cloak Games: Mage Fall
  • Cloak of Dragons
  • Silver Drive (short story)
  • Cloak of Wolves
  • Cloak of Ashes

The Cloak & Ghost Series

  • Cloak & Ghost: Blood Ring
  • Cloak & Ghost: Lost Gate
  • Cloak & Ghost: Rebel Cell

The Silent Order Series

  • Rail Gun (short story)
  • Silent Order: Iron Hand
  • Silent Order: Wraith Hand
  • Silent Order: Axiom Hand
  • Silent Order: Eclipse Hand
  • Silent Order: Fire Hand
  • Silent Order: Wasp Hand
  • Silent Order: Master Hand
  • False Flag (short story)
  • Silent Order: Image Hand
  • Silent Order: Ark Hand

The Third Soul Series

  • The Testing
  • The Assassins
  • The Blood Shaman
  • The High Demon
  • The Burning Child
  • The Outlaw Adept
  • The Black Paladin
  • The Tomb of Baligant

The Tower of Endless Worlds Series

  • The Tower of Endless Worlds
  • A Knight of the Sacred Blade
  • A Wizard of the White Council
  • The Destroyer of Worlds

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