The Saints of Whistle Grove

Katie Schuermann‘s latest release is The Saints of Whistle GroveI’m hoping you have already heard of it, since it released through Kloria Publishing back in February. Still, if I’m blogging, however temporarily, I’d be remiss to not mention her and it. 🙂

Interested in Lutheran historical fiction? Then this book is for you.

Here’s the Amazon blurb:

After 150 years of preaching the Gospel, the little country parish of Whistle Grove has closed its doors for good, but the faithful Rev. Edmund G. Oglethorpe remains. There is the empty building and the crumbling cemetery to maintain, and who else will bury old Miriam Werth when the time comes?

Told through the voices of generations past and present, The Saints of Whistle Grove follows the journey of a son in search of his mother, a daughter in need of connection, a family without a home, and the cemetery that brings them all together.

Join the blessed saints of Whistle Grove in pondering the wondrous mystery that, whoever believes in Christ, “though he die, yet shall he live.”

The Saints of Whistle Grove is sure to be a good and thought-provoking book from one of our wonderful Lutheran authors.

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