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Movie Reviews

Summer is a time for movies and movie reviews. I was trying to think of the Lutheran movie reviewers I’ve seen, but I’m having trouble remembering them today. I’ll include one below, with a link to his handy alphabetical Movie Review Index, but if you think of any more maybe I can add them to my Lutheran author page. And, if any of you are budding reviewers, or wish to share one or two here, you’d be welcome, too.

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Anonymous Part 3

Did you hear that people were paid to make up comments on Amazon? As though using corporate funds to mess deceitfully with another person’s marketing isn’t bad enough, there are people who form essentially anonymous accounts to leave critical and even nasty comments. It’s heartbreaking–not the criticism but the pains taken and inflicted because those letters could stand for anyone in a haunting and disturbing fashion.

Let’s not lose hope and let’s not leave writing. Let’s ponder this a little together. Continue reading

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