If you’re looking for a little extra Lutheran influence on your summer reading list, have you considered BookTalk? It’s available through KFUO (radio station 850 AM if you’re in the greater St. Louis area or online worldwide).

By the way, KFUO remains the longest continually operating Christian radio station in the United States (Thanks, Wikipedia, for backing me up on this one.), and it is owned and operated by The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.


Anyway, BookTalk is hosted by Rev. Rod Zwonitzer and he interviews, you guessed it, Christian authors. (I daresay the vast majority are Lutheran, but I haven’t actually checked that out.)

I was on it myself ages ago (here and here for Family Vocation), back in 2012.

I thought of it again today because I saw Joshua Rothe was on recently, speaking about Stitched Crosses: Crusade.

I’m especially happy to spread the word of a Lutheran novelist, but by all means consider all sorts of books from the BookTalk archives. I think summer reading lists are an extra nice way to add a little variety into one’s typical reading genres. (Or, maybe I just want people to read more theology—academic or otherwise—and this is a nice way to slip a book or two in!)

I know of another resource or two for summer reading lists, so those may be another post or two.

Happy reading! Happy writing!

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