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Today’s post is from a Facebook friend of mine (HT: Chris Matthis). It’s a Luther Christmas quote you may not have read or heard before:

The birth of Christ was timed to coincide with the census because God wanted to teach us the duty of obedience even to a heathen government . . . . Is not this shameful, that Christ should obey a power that his people and his household regarded as an abomination? But Christ obeyed the civil government of the emperor. Every Christian, therefore, should let Augustus administer his realm—should not hinder but help (Martin Luther, Martin Luther Christmas Book, ed. Roland Bainton [Philadelphia: Muhlenberg Press, 1948], 35).

Bainton points out that, amazingly, Luther begins his discussion of Christ’s birth with an explanation of the Two Kingdoms.

My friend’s Facebook point addressed the reality that we owe obedience, prayers, and taxes, even to pagan leaders. (Romans 13, 1 Timothy 2).

I’d say there’s a lot of fodder for thought considering Christmas in light of the Two Kingdoms (or vice versa). And, I’ll go ahead and link to a few more books in case you are particularly interested in what Luther preaches in Christmastide. (I’ll begin with the book above.)

Luther Sermons on/from Christmas

I didn’t research these extensively, so feel free to recommend additional titles and I’ll be sure to add them. 🙂 Might as well have a clear listing for this or any other year. May one Luther Christmas Quote be followed with many more.


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