Another Luther Christmas Quote

I’m taking it easy with this post today. Below is a link to an article post about another Luther Christmas quote. 🙂 Merry Christmas! Don’t forget to take things easy, resting in God’s care especially in that most physical of considerations, the Incarnation!


What you do to your neighbor you do to Christ

Is it silly to link to Veith’s Cranach blog? Do you typically read it anyway? (Seems to me that following blogs has gone from years past.)

I’m not writing much these days, but I’m thinking about January as a time to dig into projects. Predictable? Probably. Crazy because that’s when homeschooling starts up again? Perhaps. But my thought is as basic as this: whenever there’s a chance to re-establish a new normal, including writing into it. 🙂 No new year necessary!

Feel free to share any tips you have accumulated for writing in such new normals or just continue to rest up.

Christmastide is amazing. We’re kind of emphasizing “not your usual work” and “rest up” this year, which is apparently just what we needed! Except for the funeral coming up this Thursday. 🙁 Death reminding us to focus on that divine birth and death that give us life and hope.

Merry Christmas and merry Christmas-ing!

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